Frankenfield and Beam Genealogy

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I started this project as a lame attempt for high school history class in 1976.  My sister got me interested again when she wanted to know what happened to the project.

   She was trying to find out the family history and why the Frankenfields from Williams Township weren't related to other Frankenfields in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. There is the theory that they were horse thieves from Ohio!

 In fact my great grandfather's brother William Forrest Frankenfield was born in Ohio. William was known as "Uncle" in William Township, he married late in his life, after his step sister and mother passed on.

In fact our branch did move to Ohio and then moved back!  As I'm researching the project, I'm discovering that we are related to more then first lead to believe.  The good, the bad and the ugly and the famous.  

 If your a descendant of Simon Frankenfield, then your related to William Clark Gable.  Clark starred in a little known film called "Gone with the Wind".  You may have heard of it. 

My sister even stated I went to far, when I found that my parents who are divorced are related through the Miller's genealogy. 

I had two grandfather's in the Civil War. Andrew Beam who fought for NJ and Isaac Fox who fought for PA. There have been another, William Strunk, the family legend has the he went to the great war and never returned. I can not find any record of him after 1862.

I have also found several grandfather's in the Revolutionary War, Hans Heinrich Frankenfield, Michael Walter and Jacob Weygandt.

My family tree of ancestors consist of the following sir names:  


Anstatt, Bosshart, Christman, Conradt, Dimler, Durz, Faul, Hansbecker, Keller, Kolbach, Kost, Mayer, Merklin, Rhien, Schaeffer, Schmid, Sinter, Steiner 

Sussex/Warren County, NJ:

Anderson, Andreas/Andrews, Beam, Carling, Cole, Ervin, Inscho, Nixon, Pence, Ribble, Scott, Seborn, Shannon, Stone, Strunk, Thatcher, Weller, Widner and Young

Bucks/Northampton/Lehigh County, PA:

Able, Allshouse, Baruch/BruchBechtelBeutelmann, Biesecker, BlessingBraun/Brown, Brotzman,  Buss, Diehl, Dorr, Dorward, Engleman, Ficen, Fox/Fuchs, Frankenfield, Fuchs, Funck, Garis, GiegerGlass, Glessner, Gloas, Gruver, Heinrich, Hertzel, Houck, HublerIllickKester/Koester/Kuster, Kitchen, Kiefer, Klein, KnechtKreidler, Kauffman, Ladig/Lattig/LattichMajorMann Marret, Messinger, Michael, Miller, MoyerMueller, Nowlan/Nolan, Paulus, Pro, RitterRuth, SanteeSchweitzer/SwitzerStecher, SteckelStoutSundermeierUnangst, Wagner, Walter/Walters, Weaver, Weber, WeygandtWilhelm and Young.  

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These pages are only meant as a guide to help you with your research, they may contain mistakes and I strongly suggest that you verify your findings.  If you find a mistake please be kind enough to notify me at
Genealogy Reports

Descendants of David Beam -
 First five Generations: Lived in Mansfield Township, Warren County, NJ.

Descendants of Otto Beigy or Beechy -
First five Generations: Williams Township, Northampton County Area.

Descendants of Jacob Dorward
The first five Generations: Immigrated: August 24, 1765

Descendants of Leonard Glessner
The first four Generations in America, Canal Boatmen on the Delaware River Canal.

Descendants of Johan Kufer or John Kiefer -
From Bucks County, PA, Northampton County, PA and Warren County, NJ.

Descendants of Ebenezer Inscho -
Ebenezer was associated with Native American Tribes along the Delaware river.  This report has been put here due to the popularity of this family.  I only list the first five generations.

Descendants of Jacob Pence
Six generations of Mansfield Township, Warren/Sussex County, NJ Revolutionary War Soldier

Descendants of Henry Scott -
Five generations of Mansfield Township, Warren/Sussex County, NJ Family.

Descendants of David Shannon
The first Seven Generations: Possible Immigrant from Sussex/Warren County, NJ

Descendants of Michael Wilhelm
First six generations from Northampton County and Bucks County, PA

Descendants of Adam Young
First five generations of Adam Young of Plainfield, Northampton County, PA removed to Williams Township, Northampton County, PA